Automates outbound email alerts, manages income emails and attachments, and updating multiple data sources.



  • Powerful scheduling lets you send the emails at any time.
  • Every field from your SQL query becomes a parameter that can be used in the body and contact of the email, or as the recipient of the email.
  • Support for any addition SQL queries to run before and after the email notifications have been sent.
  • Emails sent can optionally be archived for later reference or resending.
  • PDF, Excel, and CSV attachments can be processed with each notification.
  • Support for multiple users, permission based.
  • Set up customized permission groups for your users.
  • Set up email contacts statically or based on a field of a SQL query.
  • Server/Client application.
  • Support for multiple data sources.
  • Supports any ODBC compliant database.


Business Alert Management and KPI tool that both visualizes your data the way you want it and integrates business workflows to enhance your existing line of business software products.



  • Enhances your organizations Business
  • Intelligence (BI) Capability
  • Use SQL queries, Crystal Reports, SSRS, Excel, Spreadsheets, and Dashboards all in 1 location
  • Designed around the needs of TruckMate® users and other related products
  • Drive Workflow processes through Dashboards
  • Access multiple data sources in one program (DB2, SQL Server, Access, Excel and any other ODBC compliant data source)
  • User authentication and group permissions
  • Easy to Use Interface
  • Custom Add-ons to enhance your BI and workflow processes


Document Workflow Tool. Automates documentation creation from Crystal Reports and Image Sources.



  • Generate documents for export or emailing
  • Use Crystal Reports™ and images to generate complex documents
    • Statements, Invoices and related backup
    • Financial Statement Packages
    • Pay Stubs, settlement statements and related backup
  • Automatically or manually organize documents
  • Use pre or post sql scripts to generate and update data
  • Use Multiple ODBC data sources
  • Use multiple Crystal Reports™
  • For oversize documents, Email attachments can be split by
    • Page Count
    • File Size
  • Client/server application
  • Constant values to facilitate grouping and bursting processes
  • Replacement character functionality to overcome illegal characters


Toolsched brings out the full power of Millet Software’s Visual Cut and Modal Logic’s Document Workflow software.  



General use

  • Simplifies the scheduling process of Visual Cut reports
  • Integrates seamlessly with Visual Cut.
  • Multi-user, client/server application.


  • Create Visual Cut command line strings with arguments with style and ease
  • No longer any need for cumbersome batch files
  • Easily add Visual Cut report tasks to existing schedules and report collections
  • Create both simple and complex schedules
  • Create unique schedules once and apply many times to Report Tasks
  • Easily synchronizes with Visual Cut
  • Add existing schedules on the fly with existing items
  • Easily group tasks or schedules
  • Easily search for reports or schedules
  • Select command lines with ease
  • Multiple users can manage both schedules and tasks
  • Run Toolsched on any workstation or server on the network domain

Other Key Features

  • Backup and Restore Toolsched, Visual Cut settings, and Crystal Reports.

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